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Insider - Prabal Gurung: his love letter to New York City

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Prabal gurung his love letter to new york cityautumn/ winter 2021/22 collectioninterview with prabal gurung :hi, everyone, i'm prabal gurung here from my studio in new york city, it's snowing outside a little bit, but it's really colourful and warm here. so, yeah, i'm glad. and it's a new normal for all of us. so i'm very glad that we are able to, at least, be in touch, say hello and see what's up. i live right near washington square park, it is where all the protests and marches were happening and i decided to stay back in the city because i knew there was history being made i knew that, individually, we can have our own conversations, but collectively we can turn it into a revolution. and i realised i wanted to be part of it. it is my valentine to the new york city, the city that i love the most because it's not just because of its architecture and history, but it's also because of the people who live here, the impossible dreamers, you know, the misfits and the artists, the creatives.because at the end of the day, what makes new york tick, what gives it its heart and soul is the artists, the creatives. living in new york for 20 years, in a black and white, becomes the uniform for many. but my roots are back home in nepal and in india and in nepal and india, pinks and reds are a new beginning, an auspicious colour for a new beginning. and so i wanted to use that. but also, those colours are such bold colours in terms of telling a story about who is wearing it. is it a girl or a guy? what an exciting time to live when the colour and inanimate objects like clothing items no longer have to stick to a gender norm. and that's what i wanted to celebrate, and you know, the print of this season is this bodega flowers. this couture-like approach and craftsmanship to making the clothes, but this time around, what i wanted to do was making sure those sculpted, let's say, cocktail dresses or blouses and everything, which you would normally be in satin themselves, we've done it in this what is considered humble fabrics like cottons and jerseys. so, it looks dressy, but when you touch it, actually it's all cotton. so there's a level of familiarity, there's a level of comfort, and there's a level of ease. from my heart to everyone out there who consumes it, i hope it brings joy, i hope it brings what i felt this summer: hope, optimism and complete happiness. all right. i hope to see you soon in person and talk to you soon. you take care. bye.music issued from prabal gurung's film (only to be used in the context of paris fashion week, covered under the right to information)