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Insider - Natan Couture: Couture made in Belgium

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Natan couturecouture made in belgiuminterview with edouard vermeulen :with couture i always try to have an emblematic location, last time it was outside, this time it is at opéra de la monnaie in brussels, which is a magnificent location. i like to have a relatively historic place to promote belgium, and brussels.when you talk to someone, you see the top, and you want it to be shimmering, beautiful, i am not saying that the skirt should be simple, the trousers can be well cut. but it’s the top, the face, if you are sat down, we only see the top and if you speak to someone, you are not going to stay sat down. so the work on blouses is important.essentially for the evening, we made crepe trousers, in fluid silks that fall nicely and that are not a skirt, nor trousers, but perhaps newer and easier to wear again, even with a simple top, even on holiday.these are parachute outfits, even if they are made of silk, but they look like parachutes when you get up, they are light and in motion.what we try and do with our team, is contemporary clothing, that have this “timeless” imprint, but make up our era and customs. how people live, how they move, where they go, how they go, what they do, all that is important. today.music issued from the natan presentation (only to be used in the context of paris fashion week, covered under the right to information)