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Meeting with Maria Grazia Chiuri who unveils the creative secrets of the Christian Dior Haute Couture collection SS 2021

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Christian diorspring-summer 2021 collectionthe tarot castlethe christian dior haute couture collection designed by maria grazia chiuri was unveiled through a 15-minute film directed by matteo garrone.a collection inspired by christian dior’s passion for divinatory arts and signs of destiny. passion shared today by creative director maria grazia chiuri.a wardrobe staged by the famous italian director matteo garrone, through a 15-minute film that celebrates the savoir-faire of workshops, through inlaid lace, patterns painted by hand by artist pietro ruffo from rome and golden velvet decorated in zodiac signs…a journey to the heart of a castle populated by characters embodying the major arcana mysteries and revealing medieval evening dresses, precious and delicate, but also suit trousers exploring masculine-feminine boundaries.interview maria grazia chiuri:we started this collection with inspiration of the tarots. tarots is an element very important in the history of dior. he was obsessed with this magic world.the first image that started the project was about the tarot of visconti di modrone, a medieval tarot, but also the marseillais tarot that is very famous too. all the symbols inside each card, were very inspiring for the collection and also the silhouettes, because in the visconti di modrone, a silhouette is very medieval. so all the collection has this fit for the dress, also for the jacket too. we present the collection with this beautiful film that i was very happy to make with matteo garrone, this is the second time that i work with him. i was super happy the first time because i think he is a really a good director for a film, a couture film. he has this approach, so artistic but also artisanal and i think this is very important because couture, we cannot forget is artisan work.i was very happy to collaborate with pietro ruffo, that is a friend, an artist that i appreciate a lot. in the collection, we made a bigger research in the material and in embroidery. we have also very special craftsmanship inside the atelier and i'm very happy that we realised encrustation, but also some materials that we never used before, like the fil coupé lamé, with velvet. it is very important also to find language that can translate in a different way, especially in this moment. this world that is a super magic and sometimes is difficult, because the fashion show is a special moment that we share together. so all the people that come to the fashion show can see the dress clothes. so i think that honestly, for me, with matteo it was possible to translate in another language, that is a film. but it is a very difficult issue to promote this knowledge with another language that is not the fashion show.i would like vaccines for everybody, that’s my desire, that’s my presage.music issued from fashion shows and videos (only to be used in the context of the fashion show, covered under the right to information)