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R-Evolution Style - Fashion interview with Baptiste Giabiconi

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Model, muse of karl lagerfeld, singer, he becomes an underwear designer with aubadean 100% fashion interview.compulsive or reasoned buyer?i am quite careful. i do not throw myself at everything. i select, i try to mix things together. little nuggets mixed with simple and casual, in everyday life.in day-to-day life, comfortable or logoed clothing?a little more comfort, more velvet, more cocoon, nicer, simpler. i began very ‘show off’, with karl lagerfeld. then, little by little, i stripped back, one thing at a time, and i found that things are more beautiful when natural, when it is part of your personality. it is true that between 18 and 31 years old, we shape ourselves and we find our personality.black or white?i sleep in white t-shirts, i don’t know why, very simple like the uniqlo ones. the white t-shirt always goes underneath, when you put something nice on, but the simple white summer t-shirts to go out in? i don’t really wear that, it’s nice but i don’t. i tend to wear black or grey.boxer pants or briefs?not too long, but not too short either. this is what we developed with aubade, a house with a magnificent reputation in terms of lingerie, which produces quality, well known among women, less so among men, but this is slowly changing. i had a desire to develop this lingerie on the theme of tattoos. they left me a lot of freedom. so, i collaborated with my tattoo artist, with whom i am very loyal. then we were able to work on patterns which, evidently, are inspired by my tattoos. it also had to please everyone, that was the aim.trainers or shoes?trainers 100%. but today, since trainers are worn so much, they go with everything. it is a product of today, we see it in the big houses, whether that be dior or others. there are trainers that go with suits. that works well. today, trainers win the victory hands down.tracksuits or jeans?jogging bottoms for any occasion. yes, i do this, but they are brightened up with lots of things, if you’re going to see me with jogging bottoms on, you’re not even going to mind the jogging bottoms. you will see a set of things, but you will say, ultimately it works right?best outfit to stay at home?i spent a lot of time at home, like a lot of us, but i still try to have a routine in which i am getting dressed, to still have this notion of getting up in the morning, doing things, and getting back into bed in the evening, otherwise, it becomes a little tedious.and to go to a fashion show?i started with karl lagerfeld. so, i was into wanting to look alike, to make a copy. i started at 18 with three-piece suits, but eventually i said “wait, this isn’t you”. you cannot wear a three-piece suit every day at 18. i come from marseille, a working-class, cool area, but at one point, i told myself, this isn’t for me. so, i went back to using things which i was more comfortable with, associating with a few nice, more trendy pieces. like a pair of jeans, stan smiths, and a chanel tweed jacket.