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Best of 2020 : the future of fashion as seen by stars

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The health crisis that devastated 2020 has shaken up our habits and our desires when it comes to fashion consumption. the personalities we met during certain fashion shows that took place physically are questioned about the future of fashion.chris, singeri find it important to, it is a little above ground since i am at fashion week so it is still something other than the live show, but me, i am a singer and i need the stage to live, in an existential sense, i need to perform. so, it is important to remind ourselves that even if we are wearing masks, it is a bit strange and it is an odd year, we can try not to forget the art, the designers, since dior is a big house, but there are also young designers who, at the moment, also suffer from this crisis and this culture and this bubbling life which tells us about france, this must not be forgotten, during this crisis.emmanuelle devos, actressi remember that during lock down, i told myself, no, never again, we must stop buying things left, right and centre. i think that it will still change the relationship with fast fashion with all this overconsumption of interchangeable clothes that we throw away after three months.ludivine sagnier, actressthe way of consuming fashion may indeed be likely to evolve in the coming years, but for the better. i think that we are realising our overconsumption and we must reflect in all sectors, in all fashion industries. fashion as an industry, is likely to change fashion as an art. it will never change.maisie williams, actressi think now is the time for people to do something new and something fresh, i think because everyone views the world in such a different way now, it is the perfect opportunity for people to push their art into the new world.natalia vodianova, model and philanthropistmy husband is at the forefront of this movement, and i trust him to be a good judge of balancing out the fact that there are still profits that has to be done, but also consciousness that we have to live with.