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What's Up Louis Vuitton Special - Spring-Summer 2021 Fashion Show

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What's up spécial louis vuitton printemps-eté 2021 :the show took place in front of the louis vuitton headquarters,under the glass roof of the samaritaine in paris,which belongs to the lvmh group.an exclusive ‘phygital’ experiencephysical guests,virtual front row guestsand a live stream with the screening of wim wenders' film‘wings of desire’nicolas ghesquière, the creative director,asks the question of non-gendered clothing"what would an in-between garment look like?"the designer is building a new wardrobeloose, flowing trousers with pleatsmultiple cropped jackets with different armholeslight and colourful trench coats,t-shirts with messages and commitments,techno colours that mix together, sequins to shine,dresses that slip on easilywith draping and embroidery details.the bags are multiplyingbetween a green that illuminates and new products including the blade clutchthe top-artist, friend of ghesquière, @lousandtheyakuza to close the show with grace.music from the fashion show (only to be used in the context of a fashion show, covered under the right to information)