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Milan Fashion Week : Interview with Gabriele Bebe Moratti, creative director of Redemption

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Gabriele bebe moratti, explains his vision of fashion and the inspiration of his new collection redemption spring/ summer 2021interview:we basically started from something that is always on my mood boards, which is the period where the rolling stones had to leave england for, i think, legal troubles, and they relocated to the south of france, la côte d'azur. i that period, you know, there's amazing black and white pictures of them in this beautiful villa in la côte d'azur. so that's always, kind of, a reference in the back of my head. that's where pretty much everything we do at redemption, that kind of laid back rock and roll, but still very elegant and very chic style.so with this video, i wanted to kind of recreate something very similar.so we, it's the story of four girls, of course, rock stars, that live in this beautiful villa. they just play around with, you know, their wardrobe and their clothes and we wanted in a moment like this, also, to try to, you know, to give happiness and some color and provide some solace. because i also think that in the end, fashion should also be a little bit of entertainment. it was fun for me to do the video, it was fun for me to write and play the music for the video. i think i can tell a story.and, not only that, but i think that it can reach everyone in the same way. we all can watch in the same way on our cell phone and have the same experience. i have a job that i love that is in a very, very complicated situation, that's definitely true. but it's still a job that i love and i'm very thankful for being able to do what i'm doing today.music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)