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Boss : Women's and Men's Autumn/Winter 2020/21 show in Milan (with interview)

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Artistic director: ingo wiltslocation: a large, circular space with a classical orchestra sat on a catwalk in the centre. collection: a mixed show for this german label presenting for the second time in milan. a clean, refined and graphic line and unexpected colours.suits are worn close to the skin with invisible closures. a classic wardrobe revisited that’s both comfortable and protective, with coats in solid colours and total monochrome looks. the leather is soft and flexible and can be worn like a second skin, just like the knit, for asymmetrical skirts and fine jumpers. fringes are found on the side of a coat or jacket. zebra prints decorate certain looks. the chains of bags are also found on the clothes. the men parade in fitted suits in strong and bold colours (purple, rust orange and red). interview : boss as a brand is always very pure but what we wanted this season, we wanted to give it a new approach also in terms of colour, i want something unexpected so that’s why also the whole lilac is in the range and the whole set is lilac because you know typically we as a brand people say we are very grey and black but we are not and that’s why i wanted very very colourful but still very feminine for the women and masculine for the men.we liked to give a very clean look but still unexpected with the colour blocking and what we also did what was big, the fringe section, where we put fringes on our heritage pieces, like for example on the suits, on the coats, worked with something unexpected for you at boss.we started with a zebra print and i said a zebra print for boss would never work but we can manipulate the print in that way that you don’t really recognise zebra and i think this is what we did and then we did a bit of stitching, the zebra or the pattern in a stitching with a lot fringes so we combined a lot of techniques and everything is actually made in germany so it’s a very handmade process. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)