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Gucci: Women's Spring/Summer 2020 show in Milan

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Creative director: alessandro micheleinspiration: we enter the show from behind the scenes, on the backstage side, to then arrive in front of a set, a glass carousel. on stage, behind the windows, the dressing room, that we never see, the dressers, in grey, called the “makers of dreams”, are busy preparing the models, which are positioned at the front, with the famous music piece, boléro by ravel. the merry-go-round turns, without stopping, and slowly filled with models that stopped in front of the glass. alessandro michele wanted to show what you never see, everything that goes on behind the fashion show that lasts only a few minutes. the italian designer is also present, we can see him discussing, taking a last look at the preparations. he evokes the idea of a ritual but also of childhood, while adding a cinematographic aspect with the voice of federico fellini…collection: exuberant, refined, young and sophisticated, an 80s spirit and a grunge trend, a schoolgirl meets lady chatterley, some women seem to have escaped from the victorian era. we find monochrome or brocade trouser suits. long skirts are worn with silk or lace blouses. the loose and ripped denim is offered with an wide leather coat or short jacket. the short dresses and uniforms of the young girls are reinterpreted, with high socks and platform shoes.to note: the numerous accessories such as the large cross necklaces, leather harnesses, jewelled headbands, glasses, hats, long gloves or those in crochet and lace and of course the bags including the jackie…+ the makeup, mascara like tears running down the cheeks. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)