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Sarah Poniatowski Lavoine reveals herself

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What is colour? for the release of her latest book, sarah poniatowski lavoine reveals herself a little more. interior designer, admirer of beautiful things, parisian and traveller, sarah knows how to propose her inspirations in various ways, from her shops becoming living places, to her collections of furniture and decorations, until recently accessories and clothes. maison sarah lavoine, 6 place des victoires, paris 2e - book "couleurs sarah", chêne editions, maisonsarahlavoine.cominterview with sarah poniatowski lavoine, interior architect and designer:for me, colour is in fact above all nature, it’s my source of inspiration and it comes from everything, the sunsets we see every day, the sea, the sky, the forest, it’s very green, right now i like green as you can see, it’s all my emotions that are translated thanks to colours. when we found this place, place de victoires, it was the first sarah lavoine house because there was a lot of space and we could really create a house and in every house there is a dressing room, so we wanted to add some clothes, and because i’m a woman and i like to dress up, i’m not crazy about hysterical or insatiable fashion, but i wanted to find simple things that i like, in beautiful materials and cuts, things that make you beautiful and comfortable. for the summer of 2020, we remain with the basics, the essentials and then there are touches that are a bit more pop, more seventies. i wanted a collection that was a little more seventies, colourful, with crochet, prints, colours like yellow and green, a bit strong like that. you know when we go on holiday or on the weekend, we always wear the same jeans, same white t-shirt and same black jumper. we always have a full wardrobe, but the base is always the same, there is always something that we like more. i don’t know about you but for me there is always a pair of jeans that i prefer, so this is the idea for my collection, is that you want to wear and take everything with you.