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Michael Kors - Womens Spring/Summer 2020 collection in New York (with interview)

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Designer: michael korsinspiration: the fashion show was held in brooklyn, in a warehouse near the river. the designer made references to his great-grandmother who arrived in the united states with the desire to settle down in brooklyn… since the new york city remains a symbol of integration and positivism. to highlight this spirit, the new york choir is made up of teenagers. collection: a touch of elegance borrowed from the 40’s, with mid-length dresses in colours and polka dots. chic suits with jackets with sleeves and coats with volume and drapery effects.the symbols of stripes and stars come back in print and embroidery. moreover, some marine looks emphasise this idea of travel.the evening dresses are adorned with glitter and are worn fitted to the body, an example of this is shown on gigi hadid who closes the show.to note: a casting of diverse top models, nicole kidman and kate hudson are in the front row. interview with michael kors:you know here in the states, so many immigrants came through ellis island. i had never been which is crazy. i’m a native new yorker and we finally went to ellis island and found out about my great grandmother when she arrived. she wanted to leave manhattan and her dream was to cross the river to brooklyn. so for me this was kind of about the possibility and life that she found and then crossing the river to me was very symbolic also. i think just the idea of positivity and optimism that she had that i think globally we all need today. you know when i first started my business i think that fashion was very localised. i think that the japanese fashion was for japan, american fashion was for america, british fashion was for england but now we really see the global world and for me as a designer it’s more exciting and interesting to dress this mosaic of people. in the show today, people from around the world, different shapes, different sizes, different genders. dressing a transgender person or a curvy woman, that’s exciting for me as a designer because my job is to make everyone feel and look their best. i thought about tailoring and beautifully tailored jackets and coats. what i like is, when you look at the 40s, there was this blend of romance and power, so stronger shoulders but very nipped waists and also tailoring and beautiful jackets and coats. these are investment pieces, it’s the opposite of fast fashion. so if you want to be sustainable, you buy that beautiful jacket, you buy that beautiful coat. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).