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The Fenty universe, or how Rihanna is building her own fashion and beauty empire

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Rihanna has been known since the start of her career for her taste in clothing, so naturally, she has turned to the world of fashion and beauty, by first becoming the muse and then by creating her own brand, fenty, based on her real name, robyn rihanna fenty.the adventure started with puma when she linked up with the sportswear brand for athletic collections and shows in paris and new york that went all out with spectacular staging.very quickly, she launched herself into the world of beauty. a new challenge that she personally lead, wanting to include all women with a large range of products and 40 different shades, created for all types of skin.in 2018, rihanna launched her lingerie collection, named savage x fenty. once again, the star knocked it out of the park with models of all body types.and to present her collection, she put on an artistic performance, transformed into a supernatural garden where supermodels and pregnant women cross paths.in 2019, new evolution: lvmh and bernard arnault decide to collaborate with rihanna by launching a new luxury house based in paris, with the name fenty, of course. the singer remains the ceo and artistic director, and launches an urban clothing collection. and rihanna proves herself to be a successful business woman, ready for the challenges and surprises to come in her own house.with interview from rihanna:first and foremost, you want it to be of incredible quality and you want everybody to have a piece of that so, of course, i wanted to include everyone, i never wanted to exclude anyone. i wouldn’t say that that was, like, a marketing plan, that’s just my passion and i feel like all of my friends and all of my fans should be able to have a piece of the product. all women should be able to have their own shade of foundation, it’s that simple, and i just wanted to be creative, have something that was fun and of incredible quality. i wanted women that other women can relate to and not feel intimidated by. just feel like i get it, i’m that girl, i’m that girl, i’m that girl. and it’s the same thing we’ve done with fenty beauty and we couldn’t change anything with the approach of lingerie. musique free to take : show me (ft. trueaubz) by sarah angel (constantly evolving) artlist