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Aaliyah Hydes, the new face to look out for

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Her little face and her 5ft 10” frame have been strutting down the runway for two years. with her gap-toothed smile, mischievous look and curly hair, aaliyah hydes, from the cayman islands, brings an air of freshness and exoticness. she’s one of the young models to watch out for. we met her during the dior cruise show in marrakech, and got the chance to get to know this young girl who was destined to work in the art world.with interview from aaliyah hydes:overtime, i did see the possibility of me becoming a model and i was like, yeah, and i think the models before, from the previous generations are so inspirational. like, they have so much confidence and, you know, they’re really an inspiration for women so it’s, definitely, yeah, a little bit of a dream.i love it actually, there’s a lot of ups and downs obviously. but, you know, the ups are so amazing and, yeah, it’s been such a fun ride. oh my gosh, okay, so karlie kloss is here, okay! she’s so amazing, she is so talented. umm references… i would say definitely naomi campbell obviously. umm… i’m going blank when i’m a bit on the spot. diversity. it is definitely popping up- the diversity, yeah. before, people could complain about it but i think there’s little to complain about nowadays going forward. like, yeah, this show itself, i see so much diversity here and it’s so beautiful. fashion tells us our values of the time. it’s empowering and i love that you can put different messages in fashion. music free to take: when i get there by maya isac (all of the miles) artlist