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Celine Menswear: Spring/Summer 2020 show in Paris (With interviews)

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Celineartistic director: hedi slimanelocation: place vauban. a space erected especially for the occasion and inside a box, bright, from which the first model appears.collection: a wardrobe giving reference to the 70s with a casual look. the pointed collar shirt opens on a tank top, the trousers are adjusted and are combined with a broad-shouldered jacket, a small leather bomber jacket or sequin bomber jacket. the 3-piece suit with fine stripes comes back in a skinny version.the basics are reinterpreted with a 70s nostalgia.the sailor t-shirt is adorned with shine, from beautiful pieces such as a reptile jacket or a jacket embroidered with glitter mixes, to denim pieces.models have mid-length hair, varnished nails, an earring, fine necklaces, aviator glasses on the nose and a wicker basket on the arm on which is embroidered with "i have nostalgia for things i probably never know". with interviews from finnegan oldfield (actor) & romain duris (actor)finnegan oldfield it’s very beautiful. it’is very cinegenic. it could be in a 70s setting, wandering in the roads. there is an english aspect that i like and it’s really great. there are many beautiful looks. he kept a bit of the spirit he had before and then he issued this 70s aspect, a hippy vibe, it’s very classy. there is even a lynch side, the david lynch aspects, with the black, the red, the white. no, it’s really beautiful! romain duris it's magnificent, these are looks that tell lots of stories, which are very attractive. there is something very cinematic, the styles, it's not only the looks, it's an atmosphere. i have been hedi slimane for several years so it interests me, it inspires me a lot. so i appreciate celine through this angle. show music (only to be used in the context of the show, covered by the right to information) : bodega "name escape" written, composed, recorded and mixed by bodega