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Thom Browne : Menswear Spring/Summer 2020 show in Paris (Featuring interviews)

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Designer: thom brownelocation: at the french school of fine arts (l’ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts), with an imaginary garden created, featuring human statues, dressed in a seersucker suit, whose feet are in stuck in plastic footballs.collection: seersucker fabric is given pride of place in this bold and extremely structured collection.the world of football, the world of dance, with the performance of the american dancer james whiteside, and the history of the 18th century suit all rub shoulders.the looks are distinctive, with statement hips and shoulders. basket skirts are boned. the colours are soft and pastel. the marine world is seen embroidered on suits.note: richelieu heels elevated by a thick sole.interviews with thom browne and james whitesidethom brownethe starting point was really the "panier", it was really the 18th century reference and using that for the structure of the clothing. the sports really came in because i thought it was a good way to ground it and bring it into the men’s world. athletes and sports are really inspirational to me which is the reason for that. being able to work with james who choreographed the dance himself, to have him in the show is one of the most special things i have done in fashion. i love the fantasy and i love being able to create new ideas and clothes and make people see things differently. hopefully people saw that.james whitesidespecifically with this show, i like the relatability. it is about having this private world and ballet for me feels very private at times. so you have this thing you have worked so hard for, very few people can appreciate the work you have put in. that is the same for him as well, of course, all this work is appreciated on a grand scale but nobody knows how it feels for that person. this tutu is beautiful i can move freely in it i am very comfortable, i hope he is collaborating on ballet soon. i know he has done one already but i hope more. show music (only to be used in the context of the show, covered by the right to information)