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Les Hommes : Menswear Spring/Summer 2020 show in Milan (with interview)

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Artistic directors: tom notte & bart vandeboschinspiration: a very personal collection, inspired by belgium, their country of origin, more specifically their home city of anvers.a wardrobe which mixes sport and a sartorial spirit, with a number of details inspired by the world of cycling, but also the techno music scene of the 90s.light shirts in red or pink organza. the colours, cuts and patterns echo iconic pieces seen on runners. traditional fabrics like mohair and wool are mixed with nylon and plastic materials.the prince of wales check is combined with more complex, synthetic fabrics. the jackets and trench coats are oversized. florescent and silver colours add a touch of dynamism. suit jackets are accented with straps.accessories: silver-lined derbys, colourful sneakers, a whistle around the neck and socks worn pulled up. interview :tom notte : next summer is really a very personal collection for us because instead of taking inspiration from a very far away, foreign country, we looked at our country, belgium and our city, antwerp and that really led to a deeply personal collection about our experiences in our city from when we were students, actually.bart vandebosch : there are a lot of graphics in the garments, we looked at a lot of cycling pieces from the 70s and the graphics are really particular. also coming from the academy and having a constructive, deconstructive mind, we looked at garments, deconstructed them and put them back together. so, you get a lot of hybrids, for instance we do bombers with blazers integrated, we do parts of garments that you can use as an accessory over a sweater, a t-shirt or a shirt, so we looked at it in a really certain way that led to this collection.tom notte : and also, to create this look we really made the infusion of sportswear and tailoring not only in the pieces but also in the fabrics themselves so for example, to create the k-way we use the prince of wales check but we bond it completely with silver nylon using special sports techniques so the workmanship on the fabrics on this collection is very important to also create the sense of luxury in this collection.show music (only for use in the context of the show, covered by the right to information)