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The nomad woman: Spring/Summer 2019 Trend

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A new type of woman appeared on the catwalks. with her distinct appearance, free and strong as well as cool, easy and comfortable. these words were constantly repeated amongst designers during shows.since then, we use the terms neo-bohemian and neo-nomadism to define these women who are constantly on the move, between work and travel, between the office and new co-working spaces. designers presented this through long, flowing dresses, through detailed embroideries, highlighting craftsmanship, as well as through crochet, pieces made with natural hessian, and many fringes. we see a 70s spirit with a longing for freedom, through supple and flared trousers. this woman we love, was very well described by the top model and actress, liya kebede.so, this bohemian and urban woman, will take off in 2019 through a detailed look enhancing her desire for independence.interview with han chong: it needs to be easy because it’s modern you know, it couldn’t be, i don’t like things which are too you know uptight, it needs to have like that kind of movement or a coolness into it like a modern girl, like a real girl wants to wear. interview with liya kebede:she is a very chic and elegant women, but at the same time a bit bohemian. she has a good energy as well as being a passionate activist.