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Get on board with the tie-dye fashion trend: Spring/Summer 2019 Trend

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Tie-dye celebrated its big return for the summer of 2019. this renowned process from the 70s returns in various shapes, materials and colours. it combines lightness with the carefree spirit of summer.blue tones and especially tie-dye denim are already a great success. other designers take the opportunity to use livelier colours, highlighting the handmade process, proposing the creation of something new with something old.by playing with colours and materials we are able to turn this popular process into something modern and chic. interview with interview stella:it just felt like the right spirit you know, the tie-dye is such a light spirit, it has a fantasy of like being on holiday and you know being in a club and dancing and being, there’s a youthfulness to it as well. but i think that in the colour ways that we did it, they feel very sort of delicate, they are a lot more palatable. i don’t think that that’s something that you see in tie-dye, you don’t see it being so kind of wearable actually it’s normally quite hard.interview with léa sebban et jerry journo:we developed our own prints on silk, workwear and jersey. they are inspired by tie-dye and so we wanted fluidity whilst at the same time some more rigid forms to be able to mix the two.interview with massimo giorgetti:i’m in love with this collection because there is a lot of handmade pieces all the tie & dye, all the knitwear, all the feather, all the silk is tie and died in hand in italy.