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Christian Dior - Women's Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Show in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director: maria grazia chiuriinspiration: the italian feminist tomaso binga’s alphabet is displayed on the walls of a tent built for the occasion in the gardens of the musée rodin. the artist introduces the collection through a short poem that she recites just before the beginning of the show.collection: maria grazia chiuri revisits the teddy girls and the 1950s. the designer took inspiration from british culture with a glimpse of princess margaret’s rebellious spirit (whose dress is currently on display in the v&a in london as part of the christian dior: designer of dreams exhibition).the bar suit is revisited in a more masculine version and worn with wide skirts fitted at the waist with a big corset belt.evening dresses are made from body suits and skirts embroidered with transparent sequins and enhanced with 3d flowers. black and white gingham and green and orange tartan are the collection’s new key patterns. a new version of the toile de jouy is decorated with palm trees.focus on: layers, jackets with fringes, the christian dior branded parka, the quilted jumpsuit, knitted jumpers tied around necks + kitten heeled shoes and the small cloche hat covering models heads.note: through the press booklet left on the show’s seats, maria grazia pays tribute to the alchemist of elegance and beauty that was karl lagerfeld.interview with jennifer lawrence:maria grazia is a genius. i‘m so honoured to be a part of this house, and i’m really excited to see what she’s done.interview with chimamanda ngozi adichie:she brings beauty. i think that in making a statement that’s political or social, it’s important not to forget beauty, and she doesn’t forget beauty. i love that idea that we can be feminine and be strong, because in the end feminism is about women having a range of possibility and i think that maria grazia really understands that.interview with kat graham:dior for me really represents strength, female strength from the way the cuts are made on the clothes to the campaigns to the women that they choose to feature; it’s absolutely a representation of empowerment. interview with maria grazia chiuri:it’s my first time that i look at the 50s because it’s so far to me that when i arrived in dior i was also scary about to make a collection with this reference. i decided to do after the exhibition in the victoria & albert museum because immediately when i arrived and i understood the relationship between dior and the british culture.the first silhouette is in the mind of everybody, but you are not to use this silhouette in only one way. i use for example to compose the silhouette that you can use a corset that is not a real corset, because it’s more light and it’s more wearable, you can wear in a traditional way but you can use also with the pant. we have some jumpsuits that could be worked with a skirt or without, doesn’t meant that is not one silhouette but it’s your silhouette, you can define your silhouette. i think it’s a big change for a brand where the dna was, that’s the silhouette of the season, not really now i think that our message is, ‘you can come here, you can find the dior code, but you can build the silhouette that fits your body’. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).