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Area- Women's Autumn/Winter 2019 Ready-to-Wear Show in New York (with interviews)

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Designers: piotrek panszczyk & beckett fogginspiration: since being founded in 2014, the brand area has followed its path, slowly but surely developing to become the new generation that must not be missed during new york fashion week. the show is set in a shopping hall by the exit of a metro station on wall street, south of manhattan.collection: both energetic and solar. women embellished from head to toe with crystal jewels have a sacred look dressed in clothes with impeccable finishes. textures are soft such as knit and iridescent velvet which contrast with the supple leather made using a tie-dye pattern. the colours used support the collection like well thought out accessories that only reinforce the idea of a strong and sensual women ready to take over the world.note: the big dress and the knitted jumper finished with fringes & the original shoes developed by the designers & the closing look completely covered in colourful crystals.interview with piotrek panszczyk: we really try to learn from everyone we work with to kind of like, enter into our clothes and transcend that to the world basically, and i feel like also now, people don’t only want to look at clothes that are on a runway that you can’t afford. people want to look at it, they want to buy it, they want to wear it, they want to be a apart of it, they want to shoot it, they want to put up an instagram, they want to be a part of it, and that is kind of for us what a show is about you know.interview with beckett fogg:and that’s where the energy also comes from. it’s from our community, our team and our close collaborators.interview with piotrek panszczyk: all our textiles are developed. we really, like even all the crystal cage pieces, it’s a puzzle, it was a mathematical puzzle of metal all connected and sorted together. the same as the knits, they’re all hand done and our stuff is made over the whole world, it’s not all made in italy, it’s not all made in france, it’s made in india, there, it’s all over the world.embellishment for us has always been quite like a strong starting point, but i feel like this collection especially, embellishment wasn’t embellishment anymore it was almost a concept. it was technique, it became really about technique about building building clothes with trims you know, and that’s where it really, i don’t know, we really challenged ourselves which was really nice. interview with beckett fogg:we’re pulling from so many different references and so i think for us that’s why the full look is so important, you know we can reference so many things in one look that you wouldn’t be able to do in just a garment for instance, so that’s why we love shoes, handbags, accessories, so it’s about the full look coming together and creating something new.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).