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Les Hommes : Milan Men's Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018/2019 (with interview)

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Artistic directors: tom notte and bart vandeboschinspiration: mountains, the himalayas, a collection that mixes sartorial spirit with utilitarian fashion.collection: protective clothing with numerous details borrowed from the world of hiking and winter sports. a series of down jackets and short, hooded parkas. a wardrobe mixing volumes and proportions. suits are worn with more technical pieces.the colours used are bright, (saffron, cobalt blue) with florescent touches. materials are light and technical (nylon, pvc).focus: on the new draped cut of trousers inspired by tibetan monk outfits.note: the new logo printed on tops, straps and branded belts. opaque glasses, flashy trainers and hiking boots.a collection that makes way for youthful fashion and mastered streetwear.interview with tom notte:les hommes likes to take the audience to a trip, no, and this season, we want to take the people into a trip into the himalayas. so a very inspired collection by the himalaya, not only in terms of colours which are very important, but also in terms of mood, real pieces in terms of outerwear and also a little bit of mysticism around it. so for example, all the creations we made with k-way with the technical fabrics, with neon colours, tibetan, tibetan yellow, all refer to this kind of active wear, but staying loyal to the true dna of les hommes, which is infusing with real tailoring. interview with bart vandebosch:yes, yes, you have a lot of trousers with a dropped crotch there on the hem, you have here these kind of pants which are very special, it’s like folded coming from tibetan monks garments, the skirt the pleated skirt. you have a lot of nice proportions like here we have the extra-large pants classic, but with a very short kind of a puffer jacket on top. so a lot of big capes, huge volumes and coats, so a lot of interesting volumes. menswear is menswear, and there are a lot of classic items in a man’s wardrobe as tom already said, like a classic mackintosh, a double-breasted coat, a nice blazer, but to combine that today with these new kind of elements, which make it young. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).