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Marni : Milan Men's Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018/2019 with interview

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Artistic director: francesco rissoambiance: a wall of speakers broadcasting muffled and electronic sounds with the new “enfants terribles” as the italian designer likes to call them.collection: an exploration of new youth in 3d. references to the animated film “allegro non troppo” by bruno bozzetto from which certain prints are taken.a simple wardrobe, a bold silhouette, loose fitting and colourful, composed of extra-long trousers, striped mohair jumpers as well as animal printed parkas and anoraks.focus on curly woollen coats, moleskin jackets and checked shirts.note: long scarfs, a jumper worn on top of a jacket, gloves embellished with jewels and voluminous pompoms on moccasins.interview with francesco risso:there is almost like a cycle starting from, let’s say, almost like very conservative suits but blown up in this augmented 3d bouclé or moleskin, or pyjamas with psychedelic prints that were made in the 70s by bruno bozzetto which was an illustrator, basically the antichrist of walt disney, and then they go back into classics but dishevelled and dissembled and so those are the “enfants (terribles) du paradis”. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).