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Festive Beauty Trend: Glittery Eyes

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Glitter, always glitter. as well as adding a touch of shine to outfits, professional makeup artists sprinkle it on faces, it may seem a bit over the top, but why not opt for eye shadow that always creates a beautiful effect? perfect for a night out as well as enhancing dark pieces of clothing. in short, eye make-up is the best.so, let’s start with eyeliner which always comes in handy. nothing works better than a strong line to enhance your eyes. you can lengthen them to create cat eyes, and even line your bottom lashes to intensify the look. try something new: choose colours instead of black.colour brightens up eyes, so apply it to complement a pretty outfit. we like the autumnal warm colours, with pink, burgundy and orange tones.for the evening, nothing works better than silver. for example, a shining touch of silver is enhanced by the make-up artist mark carrasquillo for tommy hilfiger. - interview -so, why not add some glitter to an au natural look or to one that shines with colorful effects to support the festive spirit?interview with mark carrasquillo:we’re doing like a girl built for speed, so we’re doing like a chopy mushroom colour, like strewn out across the eye, almost like a customised car, it’s a little long but its blurry and it real lips. i wanted the girl to feel pretty natural but with this hard eye, like a customised eye.