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Une Robe Un Soir : « Renting, a responsible alternative to fast fashion! »

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With a choice of over 800 pieces (renewed every season), une robe un soir allows you to rent an outfit for a particular event, and rent luxury to transform your dreams into reality! a concept which was born from an analysis of fast fashion and with the desire to change the way we shop, deborah bertrand & naima cardi developed a responsible fashionable alternative.interview with naïma cardi:i believe that renting is a definitive alternative to zara and h&m and all the other fast fashion brands, because renting a designer dress for the price of something from zara which would only be worn once is a lot more interesting, in fact they are better quality and pollute less, so renting is the responsible fashion alternative to overconsumption.when you wear isabel marant or saint laurent for an evening, it’s an extremely interesting experience as it makes you feel happy, you are fashionable and responsible, for only a small price, as once your event has finished, the item is retuned and sent to be dry cleaned and it then lives a second life with another client.interview with déborah bertrand:we change our pieces on the home page of our website all the time to show people how to were items differently. we also have a newsletter that we send to our clients with ideas and new pieces. we work with influencers who always wear their own interpretations of our looks and this adds freshness to our pieces and presents different ways to wear them.interview with naïma cardi:our clients are thrilled to try on a new brand that they do not know and it’s the first time that many of our clients wear our items and brands as part of renting. i’m not sure that they would just go out and spontaneously buy a dress from zimmerman or an outfit from carolina ritz, therefore you are not so committed if you rent.in the process, there is always a stylist who replies 24/7 on chatbot, online and on facetime, our goal is that when a client orders a dress online, they receive a dress that works for them, that suits them, that goes with their body shape as well as their event.www.1robepour1soir.com