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Dior’s Pre-Fall Collection for Men in Tokyo

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Location: a collection presented in tokyo, surrounding a monumental robot designed by the japanese artist hajime sorayama. the sculpture measuring 12 meters high was illuminated with multi coloured, neon lights and flowers printed on the ground.artistic director: kim jonescollection: the “new chic” by kim jones, a futuristic and slender line, created using a colour palette dominated by grey in multiple iridescent reflections. an urban and elegant uniform spirit is shown through various strapped clothes, crossed over jackets and cargo trousers adorned with pockets and zips and tucked in to laced boots. a summery look with cherry blossom printed flowers on short outfits and shirts and tops and jackets in lace and tulle. focus on the new stylised dior logo and the graphic pattern carrying the cd initials.music from the show