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The renewal of the cult brand, Vuarnet

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After having reached the summit of fame and success during the 90s, vuarnet began a new era with a vision adapted to suit the demands of today without abandoning their fundamentals. focus on the renewal of the cult brand which emphasizes that their glasses are made in france and their first clothing collection, “grand froid” created on the same principles of elegance and performance. interview with lionel giraud:vuarnet was born in 1957 as well as 1960. it has two births. in 1957 there was a parisian optician called mr. pouilloux, who for his own benefit, created a pair of skiing glasses. 3 years later, when he had developed his collection, he had the great idea to reveal it to the french ski team who were getting ready to leave for the winter olympics in squaw valley. in the team, was a skier named jean vuarnet who won the gold medal in downhill, and when he returned from the olympics, the two men decided to partner and create the brand under the name of vuarnet in 1960. an interesting point is that the brand began both in france as well as the united states, so it was a franco-american brand form the beginning, and quickly it moved from the slopes to cities, because they were worn by many celebrities of the time, so the brand had quite an immediate take off.it has become a style icon, but what made it unique from the start, is that vuarnet has always decided to produce their own glass, in this case in france, but with a technology that people no longer use as they use mineral glass.on one side, we have all the big international brands that develop collections that follow fashion trends, for them, glasses are accessories. for us, glasses are not an accessory, they are our main product, and we are a glasses manufacturer.when you look at models, there are also fashionistas who want to wear them because we use a yellow glass which gives us an interesting look. the brand always set out to be functional, because this forces you to choose something aesthetically or technically radical, leading you to an aesthetic that can be reclaimed and completely twisted. personally, what i like about vuarnet, is that it’s really technical and in fact, this element is twisted by fashion, because it’s so strong and so powerful which leads you to an interesting universe.