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Yohji Yamamoto - Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection in Paris

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Designer: yohji yamamotoinspiration: for the first time yohji yamamoto chose to show in the grand palais and not in his own studio. a dark room with a big scaffolding of light in the background for décor, and a guitar mostly played by himself for the music.collection: the show begins with elegant black all-in-ones of which the first is a suit. everything is a question of proportion and of expression, a super short bellboy jacket is shown, worn over a long skirt which follows the movement of the body. we are attracted by a long shirt with its buttoning completely displaced as well as harem trousers appearing very comfortable. we see detailed work surrounding zips, allowing clothes to be cut however you desire, a jacket becomes a motorcycle jacket whilst skirts and trousers can be made shorter, allowing yohji to talk about climate imbalance… the intensity increases with voluptuous and colorful dresses made with silver prints that seem to disappear in the night, followed by models wearing long, black dresses that drape composed from various constructions which would be sublime on a red carpet…note: in the finale, models pose in the middle of the podium wearing knotted headbands around the head and a white t-shirt over long dresses and skirts. without any explanation they leave, a way for yohji to create a debate, it is a clear question of love, connection and transmission. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).