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Marni - Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection in Milan (with interview)

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Artistic director : francesco rissoatmosphere : soft and comfortable beds as seating for guests and journalists. marni’s atmosphere is always original.collection: a creative collection that references ancient greece but also the artisanal work of painters. we see a voluptuous coat painted with fingerprints and tight dresses with bare shoulders flaring. collage prints dress silk two pieces. an apparent simplicity for vestal dresses made from jersey that drapes on the body. leather has been modified into a raw version for a strappy dress and a top made from a mix of both knit and leather, closing at the back. we see fragility and femininity in skirts embroidered with beads at the bottom.note: angular glasses, sculptured jewelry and a chained necklace with big links. interview :francesco risso : we go to my computer and we watch all the history of my online purchases and i saw like at least 10 venus of milo statues, and one finger puppet that was doctor frankenstein and then i had a flash i thought why don’t we do doctor frankenstein bringing back to life the venus of milo.so you have to imagine these statues becoming alive, blooming and suddenly all these dishevelled nymphs, 3d amazons, ariadnes lost in endless labyrinths, all in what i like to call a genetically modified olympus.it was very much about how to exile to the process of making a piece, a collection so all the gestures, the details that go with it, and in fact all the collection is made out of canvas, but you know, the gestures, the mistakes that the painter does on a canvas equally the sculptor on the marble, those become part of the work itself, so the white canvas becomes colourful with the fingertips stroking, leaving tempora, so from white to colourful. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).