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Self-Portrait - Women's Spring/ Summer 2019 Collection in New York (with interview)

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Designer: han chonginspiration: the british brand self-portrait has been showing in new york for several seasons, and we understand why, when we see the number of new yorkers during fashion week wearing his now very recognizable dresses … for summer 2019, a bohemian spirit with a touch of the 60s has been added to the collection.collection: light, plain, flowing. the designer and founder plays with both fabrics and prints. with holidays in mind, he tones it down with very desirable white crochet dresses. silk and lace mix in warm tones such as green and orange. drapes on the shoulder, frills or pleats, bring a new dimension to his clothing.note: the different prints on the same dress+ the supple shopping basket+ the swimwear line.interview with han chong:this season is more relaxed i went on holiday, i haven’t been on holiday for a while, summer holiday, so it’s the whole vibe of holiday. it’s a bit looser fitting, you know, i watch what people are wearing in the summer by the beach but i’m mixing them in the city dressing.i’m always attracted to texture and then dimensions and then i put them on a girl and i see how, what is the best in terms of when she moves and when she goes to party how she wanted to feel, so this season were mixing with, for example we have got a chiffon top with prints with jacquard but the bottom is the same print but it’s canvas so you play with texture. nowadays everyone puts their picture on social media, they look really photogenic, so colour and texture and silhouette is always, like really important if they need to photograph well.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).