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Poursin, the art of buckles... Exclusive visit to the legendary artisan in the heart of Paris

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Rendezvous just a few steps from the canal saint martin, right in the centre of paris, to discover the poursin house and their workshop that has been located in the same place for over a century. there, they produce metal accessories, first for carriages, then for horses and finally for handbags. held by the poursin family for four generations, this manufacturer gained a new lease of life after it was taken over by a man in love with french know-how. (interview)still the official supplier of the french republican guard today, poursin continues work on saddlery while also producing buckles, made of brass, a luxurious and noble material, always sought after by big houses. (interview)nestled in a residential building, the atelier remains authentic. (interview)today the poursin house is still alive thanks to their reputation but is also opening up to a new generation. (interview)with interview of karl lemaire :here it is, the historic place, here since 1890, it was unimaginable that the house could disappear. when you look at the old registers from that era, louis vuitton appears in them with his name written in pen and ink. we’re also sure that gabrielle chanel came here to look for accessories and to find buckles, you can say that this door has been graced by the greats. everyone in the field knows the house for that. we come from a small shop where people think that we just have the shop and it ends there but it doesn’t, we now have the atelier that’s been here since 1890. architecturally, you can still see the eiffel beams here, it’s truly a return to the past but the know-how is still there and all the machines that have stood the test of time. if luxury houses deal with us, it’s because we have quality that you can’t find anywhere else, because we use machines that are slower than others but at least our quality is irreproachable. i really wish that today’s designers who will be galliano or karl lagerfeld tomorrow, would also have the opportunity to be in paris and can still go to places where accessories are accessible, it’s a true place where you can meet many designers and not necessarily the well-known ones.