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Paul Smith: Men's & Women's show Spring/Summer 2019 (with interview)

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designer: paul smithlocation: in the famous elysée montmartre concert hall, in paris, music echoes out from the entrance, making everyone want to dance… amplified during the show, with a legendary soundtrack ranging from neneh cherry to big audio dynamite or trouble funk…collection: paul smith presents men’s and women’s at the same time in one collection and it must be said that they go hand in hand, each elegantly wearing tailoring, the designer’s trademark piece reinvented every season. for summer 2019, a loose form is required, with an eighties spirit, double buttoned blazers, marked shoulders and large trousers coordinated with long coats. lightness is at the heart of this wardrobe with jackets which don’t weigh more than 200 grams…there’s a twist as checked tailoring is coordinated with polka dot polos, and zipped parkas in warm, summer tones are worn beneath jackets. comfort and lightness is also important for the girls, with several knee-length dresses. to note : the prints created from the photography of paul smith and his father, successfully used on a polo or blouson jackets, and even on the girl’s dresses. + the ankle socks in a small black and red checked pattern, worn by the girls. interview of paul smith: i think the interesting thing is the shapes, the big shapes, and the privilege of being an independent company is that i don’t have to do sportswear or trainers, i can do things that i love which is tailored clothes. but i wanted to use tailored clothes in a different way, a mix of pattern, and lovely colours, traditional shoes but in unusual colours. so some of the shapes are very eighties, the suit would have been so heavy and this is one from today and look at it now, it’s so soft and in the past this would have been three times as heavy, the fabric and now it’s very lightweight and very constructed in a light way so very modern. my dad’s photos, well some of them are my photos and some of them are my father’s and we found them in a box recently and so we thought onto dresses, onto shirts they look really great and on the coat, the long coat. it’s a very london street vibes, you know the black and white, like the old 2 tone records and the mods and the cycle jersey and it’s all very modern. music from the show (for use only in context of this report, under cover of the right to information)