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Sunnei : Men's and Women's show Spring/Summer 2019 (avec interview)

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Creative directors: loris messina and simone rizzolocation: the 31st floor of the palazzo pirelli with a 360° view of milan.collection: an urban adventurer, a silhouette which is both loose and strict, with a work on the materials and details such as snap fasteners on the sides of the legs or ties to tighten the bottom of cargo pants. pastel colours add a fresh summer feel to the wardrobe. light nylon trousers play with transparency. to note: the first women’s collection with sponge skirts and striped polo dresses. focus: on the oversized t-shirts and hoodies and on the short parkas with abstract and graphic motifs + the platform sandals with a futuristic look. intreview loris messina : the first women’s silhouette, so what we tried to tell everyone is something which was born quite naturally, we can’t really make a difference between men and women, that’s also why we presented them together. because it’s really the continuation of what we’ve been doing until now and we felt that we wanted to do it naturally.we really have this representation of the brand which has always been like that. to always use very loose volumes, really squared, it’s true that it’s something which has always been the background of the brand. so it’s what we’ve always done and what we continue to do each season. this season, we wanted to play around a bit more with transparency. so we have certain nylon with flock, others completely transparent and coloured on which we play with texture, so this season in both men and women it’s very present. music from the shows (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)