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Summer 2018: Dig out your stripes!

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Dig out your stripes for summer. they are everywhere, in every shape and colour, and the designers play with using them for new silhouettes. some highlight different tones, all pushing the sportswear mood that’s been so heavily present this year, stripes add a more fun and urban aspect. other designers enjoy the graphic aspect of stripes, playing around by layering them or creating a trompe l’oeil effect. in short, there’s something for everyone, working well for tailored trousers, they unfurl like waves for summery outfits, until pairing up with masculine silhouettes for the next perfectly coordinated duo. interviews: marta marques and paulo almedia: i think we’ve done it as quite a graphic element but it has like a sporty vibe to it, and we always like things to be quite effortless and sporty and not too dressed up, so i think the stripes kind of help it. they just became such an important thing for us, like it’s almost a signature that we have, like a bit of a stripe going on. silvia venturini fendi: there are almost kinetic stripes, which mix together because we wanted to play with layering, stripes on stripes, which create almost a different visual contact. alexis mabille:i’ve always put a lot of bayadere stripes in my collections but here it’s a sort of blend, a mix of different stripes, some overlap with others in layers. music bandit & nikit - 2018