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Christian Dior: Haute Couture show Spring/Summer 2018 (with interviews)

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Decor: in the gardens of the rodin museum, a space decorated in black and white, with sculptures peering in.theme: surrealism is the basis of reflection as well as the feminist leonor fini, artist, painter and friend of monsieur dior. focus: on the ‘caged’ constructions which grip the body and highlight the play with transparency. a mouth, eyes and abstract motifs adorn ball gowns and evoking surrealist works. draught boards and dominos appear on a long coat or an evanescent dress. hypnotic stripes for a jacquard bustier dress in black and white. the show ends with a series or tailored tuxedoes inspired by the bar jacket. to note: the fishnet tights tucked into sandals or gloves that hug the ankleinterviews: maria grazia chiuri:pret à porter speaks about time, couture speaks about timeless and so in some way you can really do what you want and with the atelier it’s unbelievable what you can do. the craftsmanship, the spirit and also because i think it’s very important sometimes to dream and that was a good opportunity for me. black and white are the colours or the subconscious and i think when you dream, you dream in black and white so i decided it could be great to make a collection in back and white. leonor fini was an incredible woman, and the references also in this collection are to her, they speak about her, and she painted herself in different outfits because she said there is nothing more fake than to be natural. in some way you express yourself more when you decide what you want to express about yourself, when you dress yourself. arizona muse: the value of couture is that it’s handmade by really skilled craftsmen and women and i love that, it’s really very traditional and old way of making clothing and that to me is beautiful in itself. emily blunt: i’m so excited to see maria grazia’s creation because she not only creates this spectacle but it’s this spectacle of strength, it’s not just about the dress it’s about an attitude and it’s about women’s values so i’m thrilled and excited to see it. monicabellucci: it’s a magnificent work, it was a really a magical moment to see this incredible work and in the dior tradition, she brings something special and dare i say it, a bit italian. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)