Thom Browne : Men's show Autumn/winter 2018/19 (with interview)

Designer: Thom BrowneInspiration: At the Beaux-Arts in Paris, surrounded by tall statues and golden guiding, the American designer Thom Browne invites us to camp in the snow, with camp beds and sleeping bags as the basis for the décor. Without forgetting the men, warmly and elegantly wrapped up, with long braided hair, reminiscent of the romantic heroes from the Far North. Collection: The puffer is at the heart of the collection with this idea of a sleeping bag acting as a starting point, all whilst playing with the line between sportswear and tailoring. Knitwear plays a big role, created from wool used for blankets. The big coats in different luxury materials are coordinated with tailoring underneath, worked with lower detailing, in short versions or even tuxedos, reinforced at the elbows, embroidered with fur, always the Thom Browne three coloured bands.To note: The numerous accessories such as the mittens, big scarves, the hand warmer, shoulder wrap, the snow boots…Interview with Thom Browne: It’s fall so it’s a very sportswear feeling collection and I wanted it to feel like there was some type of almost alpine influence in the collection. The whole group, there was a whole group of actual tailored garments made out of knit blankets which I think is very interesting and beautiful pieces. That really emphasized the sportswear aspect of what I do but it really, when you saw all the down filled pieces being approached in a very tailored way so it was really the marriage of the two concepts. I wasn’t a real story other than really taking the idea of, almost the romantic idea of guys going to sleep outside in the snow and also too, when you saw the sleeping bags, you saw how that grey suit which is where all the collections start, how it was interpreted into this collection which was on the sleeping bag. Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)

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