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Icosae: Menswear & Women show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interview)

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Designer: valentin glomarec (who continues the adventure solo without his brother)inspiration: following night clubs as the basis for décor, the designer takes us to church and poses the question of new modern icons who’ll more likely be found on instagram than in this sacred place. collection: tailoring, the brand’s founding element, transformed with a more sportswear spirit seen through models with bands on which the label’s name is inscribed. trousers become jogging bottoms and are worn even with a structured wool coat. the designer's own painted or drawn muses are found on t-shirts as icons. floral prints become scenes of revolt upon closer inspection. focus on: the collaboration with shoe designer christian louboutin on the trainers. interview of valentin glomarec: the collection, it was based on the fact that the new icons of people today, are singers, musicians, artists and it’s popular culture. we wanted to show in a sacred place, it was really natural for the collection and for me. this season, rightly, we have an albino muse, an african muse, we had a muse with a veil, but it was more like the demonstrations, and these are the paintings that i do each season, in oil or biro it depends, it’s an original print every time. i spend time watching people in the street, how they dress themselves and apart from when going to work, no one wears a suit, on the contrary we see a lot of people who pair their coats with jogging bottoms, things like that… and i said to myself, this season… i want to be modern and to comply with people’s lifestyle.also in terms of cut, all the cuts have been changed, readjusted, the trousers are a bit more comfortable, wider arms on the jackets, the coats as well so that gives a more comfortable aspect to the clothes. we collaborated with christian louboutin this season, precisely around a model, we had the choice and we wanted to do trainers for this show, something we’ve never done, we discussed it and then we decided to develop a very sporty model. music from the show