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SUNNEI : Men's show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interview)

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Designers: loris messina & simone risso (a franco italian duo)collection: a label created in 2014 which is in full expansion. a wardrobe which is inspired by the past to build the future and which is aimed at millenials. an authentic collection which reinvents basics, with functional details such as a bag incorporated into a jacket or sweater. the volumes are oversized, the trousers loose, the colours clash. focus: on the supple denim, the heavy corduroy, the long enveloping puffer and trainer open at the back. to note: the tall hats à la jamiroquai, slogan patches which personalize the jeans, the strips that galvanise a jumper. a mix of classic and technical materials. interview of loris messina:so it’s true that we might have a different process maybe to other brands, because it’s true that originally, simone and me, we’re not designers, so we really have a creative process which is different. we have a real difference at the level of development and how we conceive a collection, from start to finish. it’s true that, we began with the conception of basics, and little by little, clearly the brand has grown so we need new things. it’s true that we have the chance to have all the production in italy, the biggest producer of fabric, and we’ve had the time to develop, to touch up on everything, from shoes to knitwear so we’ve really evolved little by little. i’m originally french but in living here, i think that we’ve also got influence from here, i think that the colourful part is really linked to us but also to italy. i think that it’s a mix of things which at the same time have made it so that the brand cannot be anywhere other than italy, that’s sure and certain. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)