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Launch of Erdem X H&M in Los Angeles

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It’s in los angeles, at the famous ebell women’s club, that the latest designer collaboration with h&m is launched with english fashion house erdem. renowned for his long romantic dresses, floral prints and delicate materials, the canadian turkish british designer erdem moraligolu wanted to create a show with a botanical theme and where on trend designers and influencers enjoyed a pop-up store as well as a concert from grimes. the collection is available in 200 stores worldwide and online from the november 2nd 2017. interviews with erdem moralioglu, ann-sofie johansson, kirsten dunst, kate mara, zendaya coleman and alexa chung:erdem moralioglu: i’m so excited, i think it’s a wonderful opportunity you know to take someone into my world for 10 minutes it’s going to be amazing, so happy to be in la, so exciting. i mean it felt, it was so interesting to have the opportunity to design my first men’s collection and to create something that would be available all around the world and to create something that was really democratic and available to a much wider audience it felt so exciting. ann-sofie johansson, creative advisor : we admire him very much as a designer, he has built his own brand which i also think is really admirable, and so pure beauty, after coming from balmain and kenzo and now something totally different. so the time is totally right for that. kirsten dunst: he’s so talented so i just expect beautiful things to come out and as an artist i respect him so much, i’m just excited to see the whole thing. i like the pyjama look, it’s comfortable and i like that it’s the boy one. kate mara: i’m obsessed with both h&m and erdem so i was just excited about the collaboration, and they sent me the lookbooks and i was just really really excited about all of the pieces i want to shop, tonight as well so that’s a perk i think. zendaya coleman: it’s important as somebody who loves fashion or is interested in fashion to be around it and actually see it happen so it’s exciting for me. alexa chung: when i heard about this i was like yeah of course, la, palm trees, your nice clothes, a party, what’s there to hate?music free from rights / bandit & nikit / 2017