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Alexis Mabille- Women's ready to wear show Spring/Summer 2018 in Paris (with interviews)

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Designer : alexis mabilleatmosphere : paris blossom, a collection presented in the salle pleyel music venue. collection: an outbreak of pastel colours and flowers. a joyful collection, fresh, chic and elegant. a feeling of lightness right down to the lace. the transparency which leaves glimpses of the lingerie created in collaboration with dita von teese. a relaxed sophistication and a delicate sensuality. the materials are floaty, with silk, cotton canvas, hemstitched fabrics, stripes and shirt dresses. to note: the frilled striped trench, the cotton halter-neck sun dress, the frilled bra, the oversized pleated dress made from cotton and striped silk, the gold perforated leather coat, the floral gilet and the inscription of ss18 which is notably found on a t-shirt. + the oversized flower earrings and the sandals offset with cord. alexis mabille interview:it’s really this idea, of a personality, of a parisian girl who blooms so it’s this idea of flowers, of colours, of freshness as well. the collection is very light, very fresh, very summery, lots of transparency but it’s quite subtle, we see the appearance of small swimsuits and really colouful underwear underneath, it’s full summer, sunbathing, a lot of stripes, it’s a wink at nautical but without falling into nautical, between stripes and nautical. i’ve always put a lot of bayadere stripes in my collections but here it’s a sort of blend, a mix of different stripes, some overlap with others. it’s a very comfortable collection with this idea of freshness, full of summer, relaxed, the fabrics are fluid, soft, there aren’t any constraints, the shoes are flat, with platforms but the girls are level, the hair is loose there’s something very happy about it. today it’s a different approach to fashion, especially women, you can do what you want and that’s pretty awesome to have that freedom. dita von teese interview: he’s showing my lingerie in the collection yes, well he just asked me if he could use some things from my collection and i just sent them and i’m looking forward to seeing how it’s style, i haven’t seen anything. he’s made a lot of costumes for my shows, beautiful tuxedos, i think he has a very distinctive sense of self of the things that he puts out there, and he has a signature always.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).