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Fenty Beauty by Rihanna - Exclusive interview

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Fenty beauty, the first line of make-up by rihanna has just launched and the star herself tell us everything. after having collaborated with multiple fashion houses and releasing her perfume, the singer rihanna, veritable style icon, has just launched her own line of make-up, fenty beauty. a new challenge that she has personally directed, wanting to touch all women with a large range of products in 40 different shades, created for all skin types. interview with rihanna : why fenty beauty?first and foremost you want it to be an incredible quality, and you want everyone to have a piece of that so of course i wanted to include everyone, i never wanted to exclude anyone. i wouldn’t say that’s a marketing plan, that’s just my passion and i feel like all of my friends and all of my fans should be able to have a piece of the product and all women should be able to have their own shade of foundation it’s simple. i just wanted to be creative and have something that was fun and of incredible quality. do you want to celebrate diversity?i think that’s something that’s happened after we launched, women have made fenty beauty this example, this is what we want, and she’s making these shades. for me, i didn’t do it for the celebration i did it because it’s how i genuinely feel like everyone should be included. but the way that women are getting emotional at the counter because they’ve found their shade for the first time, it has become a celebration. it’s become a movement because of the customers and the women that buy it and genuinely love it. it’s not just their shade, they genuinely love how it feels on their skin and how it looks and that makes me so happy. for quick make-up, lips or eyes?always lips! because lips are a great distraction from the eyes especially on a rainy day when you’ve got dark circles or you’re really tired. people see lipstick and they assume you have on a full face of makeup. especially guys, they’re stupid. your advice for the young generation?it’s fun, i think people take makeup too seriously sometimes, and i think you should be fearless with it and you should be free and you should take risks. try new things. people get scared by it but it can always come off. music bandit & nikit - royalty free