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Cold Shoulders: Autumn-Winter Trend 2017/18

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Next season, it’s all about sleeves and shoulders. yes, your arms will be your new best asset, and designers have well understood this.first lesson: dare transparency, for a sensuality which unveils itself with grace. black and white are essential, like yin and yang. strength and wisdom is the mantra which plays with veil and different types of fabrics.the second lesson is a question of extravagance, which defines itself in the textures of materials, frills, and lace, for highlighting the importance of the arms.curves are displayed in all their varieties and lengths.a touch of personality plays a role in these new proportions.finally, the third lesson is mystery, one of the best tricks of seduction. designers thus lengthen sleeves to make them fall at the arms for a subtle hide-and-seek effect. one thing is for certain: we will no longer walk with our hands in our pockets.interviews:marco de vincenzo: i tried to start from something that we can consider classic in a feminine wardrobe: pearls, pleats, furs, and lace. something that tries to add a personal touch to everything to get the contemporary attitude.stella mccartney: what i did was really to work on the proportions, so we had a lot of focus on the sleeves, and scaling them up, and the precision of tailoring and of shape.music free of right: bandit & nikit