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The Trouser Suit Comes Back Even Stronger: Autumn-Winter Trend 2017/18

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The trouser-suit is a must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe. seen on businesswomen in the 80s, it makes its return this winter. reworked in new volumes and textures, this piece shakes up the daily office look, being both seductive and desiring more than ever, to be tamed.this is evident in its oversized masculine version, with loose trousers, long or short on the ankle, and effortlessly worn. even stricter and more fitted, formal pieces bring just as much sex appeal. in vibrant colours, and worked in soft textures or mixed with ultra-feminine elements, the suit gives a certain power to the wearer.after all, it’s all in the way you wear it: rolled-up sleeves, upturned collar, jacket tucked into trousers. the suit knows how to remain ultra-sensual even when it’s tailored in masculine fabrics.never has it been as deconstructed and reinvented as it is today, revealing the body with subtlety and sensuality…long jacket, or ultra-short, shoulder pads, cinched in at the waist, it emphasizes curves with elegance.elaborated in fabrics with satin sheen, adorned with shimmering prints, or decorated with embroideries, all eyes turn to the trouser-suit as it lives out its evening fantasies.interviews:amy smilovic: i would describe the tailoring as quite rigid, and then the textures are very soft. so, it’s that perfect balance and that is what i’m always looking for.stella mccartney: it’s about wearing the clothes, and also having versatility. so, it’s an effortless approach, it’s an effortless way to make something that’s very simple become a little bit more of a statement piece. johnny coca: actually, it’s a type of attitude which is very much about tailoring, it’s very english and classic, mixed with something easier, and a lot more casual.music free of right: bandit & nikit