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Rynshu Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 (with interview)

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Designer: masatomoplace: the rooftop of the hotel, le meurice: a sky-high runway in paris.inspiration: rynshu takes inspiration from japanese modernism.a collection with touches of romanticism, with the sky acting as a backdrop.focus on: trousers made from the fabric of traditional vintage kimonos, and japanese messages embroidered in purple on black and white patchesphoenix embroidered on jackets, both casual and formal, coats, and shirts ...draped shirt sleeves which create new volumes.to note: cotton fabrics with collages, transparent silk printed with pastel patterns, or colourful flower designs.interview masatomo: i have been wanting to do a show here for a long time. the concept is classic, modern, and japanese. my inspiration was the clouds, here in paris.i used the cloth which is used to make kimonos, in order to make the trousers. the golden bird is my other detail. i embroidered it onto the shirts.the bird is the most elegant and beautiful bird known in japan. it’s used in a lot of different designs, just like japanese airlines, but i’m very inspired by the combination of the bird and the skies. music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)