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Louis Vuitton Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 (with interviews)

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Designer: kim jonesatmosphere: an open tent in the gardens of the palais royal in paris. naomi campbell and tiger are sat front row. the louis vuitton man is a far-flung traveler, and kim jones this time takes inspiration specifically from islands, from new zealand to hawaii…collection: ample suits, fluid, with two materials on each sidesports such as hiking, surfing, and diving are reinvented in their urban versions: trousers like leggings and cycling pants are shown in leather and neoprene.hawaiian shirts layered with a fine covering of organzaparkas covering light trench coats in a stretchy twillfocus on: accessories, such as the keepalls bags, the large bucket bags, and the backpacks designed in a new canvas of different colours, in keeping with the same model.& the new trainers with crossed elasticsto note: the music specially made by drake for the show!interview stefano pilati: i thought the show was amazing. first of all, the colour palette was amazing. the play on proportions was amazing, the play on materials was amazing. the volumes, the easiness, the coherence. it was broken down by this neoprene kind of scuba thing, and it was really, really good. interview gabrielle union-wade: beautiful, absolutely beautiful. it was art. it was moving, living art, and i love the music.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)