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Moncler Gamme Bleu Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 (with interview)

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Designer: thom browneatmosphere: a floor covered with snow and white sand. snow-covered pines and verdant palm trees. it's all a question of the seasons; moncler is present for each moment of the year as winter sports hit the beach.collection: a functional wardrobe which plays with the seasons. both heat, and an enveloping winter, which once unzipped, leaves room for swimsuits. rich textures and hand-made details. the mixture of check print, the knitted gilets, and the fur jackets. the waist-length jackets comprising the moncler colours (blue, white, and red).focus on: the buttons and the zips+shoes perfect for après-ski, or flip-flops worn with socks.+the xxl backpack which contains blankets on one side, designed to warm-up the wearer, and a beach towel on the other.interview :thom browne: it was really a message that moncler is equally as strong in summer, as it is in fall and winter. so, it’s taking what gamme bleu started with 10 years ago, and how the collection has evolved over the years, and you know, it being based on classic fabrics, and classic tailoring and how it is both relevant for winter and for summer. yeah, i mean, a lot of the details have been the same details from the beginning, and this was really referencing some type of a wetsuit, to reveal what was underneath, and then all the fabrics were exactly the same for winter as they were for summer, but the winter version was down-filled.plaid was the plaid i’ve been using for gamme bleu for, really since the beginning, and you know, playing with the plaid and gingham, and you know, just classic ideas and making them look relevant for this collection.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)