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Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show - Men's & Women's Collection Spring / Summer 2018

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Designer: vivienne westwoodinspiration: both the men’s and women’s lines presented at the same time during a fashion show which closes london’s men’s fashion week.a casting which is always extremely sought-after, composed of a variety of men and women surrounded by ballerinas, dancers, and contortionists. the collection, which was entitled ‘motherfucker’, comprises symbols inspired by card games, of which the heart signifies love, the penis, war, and the triangle, industries such as shell or monsanto, who have violated earth … the ever present desire to denounce the establishment and courageously fight for a better world.collection: detailed prints representing the four symbols or other slogans. elegant pantsuits in black crepe, light with check motifs, and ample trousers with cropped spencer jackets. draped dresses, pleated, or corseted, which are worn as much by men as they are by women, in order to create a sense of frenzied allure. a red pantsuit follows green iridescent shorts, or a large jean with double fastening.to note: fishnet-tights detailed with bottles of water and used cans attached to the entire length of the leg, strange makeup with a harsh red lip, faces painted entirely in white, between humour and horror … & vivienne westwood arrives to greet her audience, carried on the shoulders of one of the dancers.music of the fashion show (only to be used in the context of the fashion show, covered by the right to information).