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Novak Djokovic signs with Lacoste for 5 years

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The tennis player novak djokovic, number 2 in the world, becomes the new ambassador of the lacoste house, on the court and in life, for 5 years. this has been officially announced in the monte-carlo country club, at an international press conference, led by the ceo of lacoste, thierry guibert. interviewsnovak djokovic :for me to be one of the ambassadors of lacoste is a great pleasure and i think that the two brands coming together can create something really special.thierry guibert :he’s someone who has a lot of values, who gives a lot to everything around him, he’s someone who has a lots of projects, just as rené lacoste had. for three years now we have tried to focus on the essential foundations of the brand, sport and elegance, and then what is called "frenchness". it is very challenging in terms of wear, in terms of fit, in terms of behavior, i will say overall with the garment, it’s going well, we are moving forward.lacoste is a brand of joy, it’s a brand of sun, and it’s a brand of togetherness, so that’s also what we want to make happen. the world really needs it. in the same way novak is someone who is often positive, i think we are going to continue like this and then i think we must continue to dream as well, to put a real desirability behind the brand. i believe that the brand is unique.novak djokovic : rené lacoste was obviously a very unique personality, a great champion but also someone that has brought the revolution to tennis and fashion as well, he never wanted to be only a tennis player, and that’s something i relate to, i don’t consider myself only a tennis player, first of all i would like to come across as someone that represents good values in life and someone that cares about others and that cares about the legacy you leave behindmusic free of rights : bandit & nikit