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Dior Cruise 2018 : Backstage of the Dior ateliers

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A few days before the presentation in los angeles, the last preparations of the dior cruise collection in the parisian ateliers of the house of couture. bar jackets, fluid smocked, pleated dresses, embroidered with mexican and cave art patterns, taking shape under the agile and expert fingers of small hands. interviews :bastide rey it’s a cruise collection so a lighter collection for the summer, we are going to show in los angeles so there are themes on the desert, we are going to work on cave art painting, brown, earthy, materials, , we have lots of tribal and mexican patterns, we are discovering quite surprising embroidery…maria grazia really likes work made by hand made, more handcrafted and traditional research in any case. we had a whole theme on the smocks, made my hand, adapted in volumes of dresses, so there are lots of dresses which are handmade, mixed with a stitch which is called “vous & moi” (you & me), and the stitch makes a handmade zigzag between parts of the dress.in the flows also, we have a distinctive characteristic and it’s that we have a lot of embroidery, because its mainly the dresses which are embroidered, of course the suits as well, but we have a big number of embroidered evening gowns, it’s a special feature of the house but also of maria grazia who really likes it.it also involves communicating all the imagination that can be in the collection in order to try to interpret the sketches as well as possible and to find the right technical selections in relation to the style, in any case that is what is important is to combine the technical with creativity.jean melkonian i am responsible for the tailoring, i’m doing the jackets, trousers, pea jackets and coats and so maria grazia gives us the sketches and tells us what we want, their inspiration, and from that we make the prototypes, she confirms, and we try to harmonize what she wants, if there are clothes which need to be assembled , we try to put them face to face so that it is uniform, so once its 100 percent ok, we use the raw materials and we cut and start to make the clothes. we have one and a half months of preparation between the prototype and creation of the models. bastide rey i hope that we are going to be able to try a maximum of clothes here in paris so we can retouch them before leaving but we can’t do all the fittings here and so we are leaving with the sewing machines and i’m leaving with a little team to continue working right up until the time of the show. music free of right