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Diesel & Naomi Campbell unite for the good cause

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The diesel house collaborates with the association fashion for relief, in creating a collection baptized “child at heart”, for which the ambassador is no other than naomi campbell. for this operation, the artistic director, nicolas formichetti, chose alongside naomi, two children’s drawings reproduced on t-shirts and sweatshirts and sold them in 145 diesel shops around the world, all while calling on famous friends to come and pose freely for the campaign.(interview)renzo rosso, founder of diesel and ceo of otb confesses that he did not know how to say no to his long-time friend despite having had a very active foundation within his group.(interview)and for the good cause, naomi campbell moves herself around the stores, perfectly playing the role of spokeswoman of the association like here in paris.interviews :nicolas formichetti :we want to create this idea of a group of friends and family that get together, so us and naomi, we called everybody on the day and lots of people came, from famous models, to cool people, to unknown people, just our friends and family and everyone did it for free.today i think people need something deeper, and i want to spread that message all around the world. at diesel we always want to do something a little bit different, like the campaign we just did with david lachapelle, make love not walls, for us it’s always about love and giving back. renzo rosso :naomi is a special case, she’s lovely, we have known each other for a very long time, and why not? it doesn’t cost anything, just time, we don’t have a lot but at the end is another action for helping children so that’s fantastic.we have to work for them because they are the people who can drive the world tomorrow, i am a father of seven children, so for me children are very special so it’s something fantastic. music bandit & nikit / 2017