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Chaumet is exposed in the Forbidden City of Beijing

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“imperial splendors” …. both a magical and dizzying title to convey the chaumet exhibition which is opening at the heart of the forbidden city in beijing. 300 objects put together, including paintings, works of art, drawings and of course creations by the house of jewelry itself, born in 1780. (interview)a journey retracting the history of the house, but also its proximity with the great sovereigns, with the presence of exceptional pieces like, for example, “the coronation of napoleon”, borrowed from the louvre museum. a parallel is also made with china by bringing out 22 pieces of jewelry from the national palace museum with 22 creations from the house of chaumet inspired by the far east. (interview)true french heritage with historic and imperial legitimacy, and symbols like the diadem which has crossed many centuries. and a first for the forbidden city to open its doors for nearly three months for an exhibition of such magnitude.“imperial splendors” exhibition until 2nd july 2017. enter the forbidden city through the north side of tian’anmen square, no. 4 jingshanqian street, dongcheng district, beijing 100009interview with jean-marc mansvelt :the palace museum states that the forbidden city is a symbolic location, it’s an eternal place. it was our ambition to show these 300 jewels here.it was the opportunity to do this meeting of two cultures. we had the ambition to do an exceptional exhibition. music free of rights / bandit & nikit / 2017